Brittany Forks

Kiip Kudos

Kudos is a iOS/Android app that rewards you for your social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. I inherited this app from Kiip's former designer, Adam Debreczeni. Adam did an excellent job setting up the foundation for Kudos. My main focus was transitioning Kudos from iOS 6 to an iOS 7 based design. I also created the onboarding flow and overall branding for the app.

Since Kudos is a new product, one of the main objectives of the onboarding is to educate users on the purpose of the app. I designed the onboarding to be as lightweight and concise as possible.

The interior pages of kudos were designed to take design cues from the iOS 7 to create a familiar environment.

The welcome screen (far left) is to give users some clues about actions they can take to recieve rewards.

When you achieve an reward you'll be shown the reward screen (second from left). I wanted to promently display the reward along with detailed steps on how you can redeem your reward. My main goal was to make redeeming rewards as easy as possible.

The reward detail screen (second from right) gives you details about what you did to achieve your reward. Your avatar along with the action you preformed is placed promenently

The last screen shows the Kudos reward feed. This is the central view in the app. This shows gives you a quick view of the rewards you've earned in the past and how you earned them.

For the branding, I wanted to create a mark that represents achivement. At first I began with the concept of a present mixed with a heart. But eventually I found the concept to be difficult to understand at first glance, so I moved to the first place ribbon design and refined from there.