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  • Media consumed in 2017

    This year was dominated by playing lots of DanceDanceRevolution at the local Dave & Busters. What an incredible year for video games. We played and loved Super Mario Odyssey and Persona 5 (160 hour save file!). Best new discoveries were My Hero Academia and Terrace House.

  • Media consumed in 2016

    I read so many books! The Three Body trilogy was the standout series of the year, totally changing how I feel about space exploration. Keeping the sci-fi thing going we watched most of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. DSN has become my favorite Star Trek installment.

  • Media consumed in 2015

    A year of a lot of firsts. I started working at Twitter, so Hatching Twitter seemed like a must-read. After reading Seveneves, I got hooked on science fiction. My partner and I watched all of Star Trek The Next Generation, and I gained a new appreciation for the show.