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Hey, I’m Brittany Forks. I’m a product designer and published author living in San Francisco. I believe in high impact work that chooses simplicity over complexity, puts safety first, and helps lead to greater mutual understanding.

In my spare time — I’m learning Japanese, knitting, reading, sketching in my journal, having opinions on Threads and Bluesky, or posting on Instagram.


Making Discord safer by taking a multi-faceted approach to reduce visible spam in direct messages
Giving cozy gamers a unique multi-room profile experience to show every side of their personality
Proactively combating abuse by allowing customers to mute specific words from their Notifications or Home Timeline
Giving customers control over what replies others see on their Tweets to prevent against abuse and derailers
Allowing customers to easily follow each other in regions with non-Latin based languages
Helping customers identify authentic political candidates on Twitter that are running for office
Giving small and medium sized brands the ability to create their own Kiip mobile in-app advertising campaigns